I’ve been to 112 before, but I didn’t know there were private dining rooms.  Where are they located?

The Wine Room which accommodates up to 16 guests is located in the back of the second floor dining room.  It is separated from the main room by a short hallway.  For larger groups, the main dining room on our second floor is available to buy out for private functions.  This space accommodates up to 34 for a seated dinner and up to 48 for standing cocktail receptions.  For even larger groups, please contact us for more information on a full restaurant buyout.


How is the Wine Room priced? What is the cost per person?

We book the space with a food and beverage minimum which ranges depending on the night of the week and the time of the dinner. We don't calculate pricing on a per-person basis but rather have fixed minimums regardless of the size of the party. For more specific information on pricing, please contact privatedining@112eatery.com or call the restaurant at 612.343.7696. Be advised that sales tax and a twenty percent automatic gratuity are added to each bill.   


How can I move forward in booking the Wine Room?

Please email us at privatedining@112eatery.com or call the restaurant at 612.343.7696. If your date is approaching within the next 7-10 days, we recommend calling the restaurant so that we can respond with added haste.  


Will we need to set up a special menu for our private dinner, or can we order off of your regular menu?

We do ask that you select a limited menu for the evening which would feature up to three options in each course of the dinner. Because of the small size of our kitchen, this ensures that the courses arrive in an efficient manner and generally helps to ensure speed of service. Keep in mind that any dish from our regular menu can be featured on the menu for that night which can be customized to suit the preferences of the group. Please refer to the sample menu posted here for a better idea of what this menu would look like. 

Does the Wine Room have a bar, or is there another place we can hold cocktail hour before dinner?

There is a bar in the main dining room on the second level, but as the barstools constitute the restaurant’s only walk-in seating they are often occupied by other diners, making it difficult to know if the bar will be available on any given night for private dining guests to gather before dinner.  It is quite common for parties to hold a short cocktail hour in the Wine Room itself as guests are arriving.  Though the room has no private bar or lounge space, there is room to mingle around the table with a built-in cabinet and three large window wells providing ample space to rest a drink.  We typically recommend that any shared appetizers be served at the table family-style rather than as passed hor d’oeuvres as having the extra staff circulating through the room can make the cocktail hour slightly tighter for space.  


Can the Wine Room accommodate an audiovisual presentation?  

While the restaurant doesn’t provide any audio/visual equipment for private groups, you are welcome to bring in any equipment of your own or to set up a delivery through a rental company - we can always provide a referral.   The amount of space available for A/V equipment depends in large part on the size of the party - feel free to call the restaurant to arrange a time to look at the space if it would be helpful to talk about the specific setup.  If you’d like to bring in your own music, our sound system can easily connect to a phone, ipod or other mp3 device through auxiliary cable.  


Can we bring extra decorations, flowers or place-cards to set up in the space?

Of course!  Just let us know what you are thinking, and we can arrange a time that day for you to have access to the space.  In cases when the party has been booked for another group before yours, our waitstaff are always happy to help put out the extra decorations as the space is being reset.


Is there a time when we can come to the restaurant to view the private dining spaces?

Absolutely. Generally the best time to stop in is between 12:30 - 4pm each day, as the room is most often booked during dinner hours. If you would like to swing by to take a peek at the space, we just ask that you please call ahead to notify our receptionist at 612.343.7696.



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